Sorama X Fontys: Noise Control

Physical education teachers are commonly exposed to high sound levels during their teaching activities whether that stems from the noise of the students or the equipment itself. In collaboration with Sorama, a sound engineering company, the goal was aimed towards the teachers an their need to gain awareness of the negative impact of loud sounds due to their impact on their hearing and stress levels.

My Role

UX Designer


School Project, UX, UI


5 months

Tools Used

Figma, Notion


Stakeholder Research Question

How can physical exercise (P.E) teachers in primary school get more insight into the sound levels and stress during the class?

Design Process

Initial Process

Target Audience

Physical Education (P.E) teachers in primary schools


- Document Analysis
- Literature Research
- User Flow

User Research

Document Analysis

Sorama had already done research regarding the target group (physical education teachers) through focus groups and observations. Our goal was to collect insights that give a direction towards what type of solution can be most valuable to develop with no limit on the ideas and medium but rather the awareness aspect.


Employers are legally required to provide hearing protections when exposed to a daily dose of

80 Db

Suffer from ear pain and ringing


Painpoint: Hearing aids are effective for noise but harm communication

Teachers with more than 40 weekly hours had higher health complaints

40 hrs

User Research 2

Desk Research

Once we validated the challenges that the target group, the next step was researching further into the technologies that could work with Sorama's sound detection system and provide a simple yet effective solution.


Smartwatch is sufficiently accurate and reliable to improve awareness of hazardous noise levels in the personal environment

Phones can be subject to breakage while performing physical activities and may not be the most convenient to carry around

Having a to keep a users in flow with all tprevious interactions

The app needs to functions with minimum user interaction


User Flow

Design Guidlines


After thorough research brainstorming,  the final concept came down to:

A cross-device smartwatch and mobile app that provides real-time noise level insights, alerts wearers to peak sound levels, and suggests safe spaces with haptic feedback and vibrations. 

The app also records and visualises sound data, offers health insights, and provides information on potential health risks due to noise pollution.

Additionally, it showcases gym hall heat maps per scheduled class and assists PE teachers in navigating to safer areas based on surrounding sound levels.

The smartwatch solution consists of four main pages:

Home Page

Daily Dose

Exposure Limit

Exposure Limit

Final Steps


The solution was found to be valuable by the collaborating company, and has been continued into development with the next semester student to further provide awareness regarding noise levels and optimising the smartwatch app to the next level. For a clickable and complete prototype you can view the Figma link here.