Mood Epoch


School Project

Project Type

Art Direction, Identity, Product Design


UX Designer, Creative Technologist


Creating a magical world that can alter moods


There was no specific criteria for the challlenge other than creating an impactful product that consists of both creativity and modern technology


Design the concept of a room that can scan vistors moods and showcase a portal into a personalized world, which eventually alters their mood into a better state.


Gaining a better view

The initial phase consisted of expirementing with different programs that can match the vision as well as brainstorming the visuals of the worlds that will be previewed. Mainly the work was with Processing, Kinect, and Python

Sad World Moodboard


Exploring the unknown

Our vision was expanded further to create entirely original worlds using programs such as cinema4D and e-on VUE

3D Modeling

Cinema 4D was used to expirement with the type of environment ot be created without any prior experience. e-on VUE also provided an easy library to place nature items such as tress and ground.


A Reflection

Due to the lack of sufficient time and issues with resources, the product was not displayed as visioned. However, an animation has been created previously to showcase how the concept proceeds. To briefly summarize the concept:
The visitor's mood is scanned before entering room; then proceeds to move as a portal expands affected by the user's distance from a Kinect Sensor. Eventually, at a certain distance the immersive world appears according to the mood scanned and the world has been chosen to alter the visitors mood to a happier state.